5 Upcoming best flying Cars 2018 for Sale

Everyone has a dream to fly, This year many companies coming up with flying cars, it gets competitive every day. These 5 best flying cars let you fly smoothly above the hectic traffic block. obviously, who don’t want that right. So, This article brings you the 5 best flying cars of 2018.


Vahana is an electric-powered vertical take-off (VTOL) and landing 8-prop flying prototype financed by Airbus. It is a self-piloted craft that is cost-comparable to using a car or a train. This vertical take-off and landing aircraft would work much like personal cars, taking people around cities, mocking every single traffic jams. Right now, Vahana team is working with the FAA to figure out how to get Vahana design certified.



Airbus Vahana 2018
Vahana ready for testing in Pendleton, Oregon.

Price: $ 119,000
2. Cora 1
The Google’s Co-founder Larry page has started with a new phase of evaluation, The project is also led by Ex-Google Scientist Sebastian Thrun. The dream is to bring the airport to us. The project was held autonomous until NewYork Times published it. This also reveals that Mr.page has entered into aerial vehicle space transportation. The flying taxi is known as Cora, and its made by the company Kitty Hawk Flyer. This is a hybrid of plane and helicopter, fully electric powered, self-piloting air taxi.

flying car 2018
CORA 1 by Google

Price: $ 150,000
3. SureFly
SureFly personal octocopter, It is developed by Workhorse Group Incorporated, Which is an American manufacturing company and they are also set to the field of competitors in electric hybrid octocopter. Well, this flying machine is a bit different than rest. SureFly is hybrid in the sense of a helicopter and VTOL aircraft. At each corner, there are 8 independent motors, which is also capable to fold down providing less area to park.

flying car 2018

Price:$ 200,000


 Terrafugia Roadable aircraft. It is a two-seater flying car and convenient space for luggage. It was founded by graduates of the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduates of the MIT Sloan School of Management. Even though its partial car, it is fully aerodynamic certified. Also, have wings like a plane which folds while running on the ground. The folded wings will be standing vertical and height wings won’t comes to a problem, Hence, It is a lowered car. It’s a mixture of car and a plane. Which gets the name ”flying car”.

flying car 2018
Terrafugia flying car


 Now, India has stepped up to it too, Recently, IIT-Kanpur researchers have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a private tech company called ‘VTOL AVIATION INDIA PVT LTD founded by Mr. Kalyan Chowdhury. Will India get their own flying taxi before anyone? Actually no, IIT-Kanpur researchers more looking forward to the saying “slow and steady wins the race”. This VTOL aircraft is expected to be take off and land almost anywhere, Which tells us that they are far more flexible, It can also carry enough weight and with an impressive response time, Which come in handy during the emergency situations. It can also deliver goods to our home. Last but not least, VTOL aircraft can be used for surveillance, rescue mission, combat situations, paramedics, and for civil aviation as well, theoretically.

Flying car 2018
IIT-Kanpur VTOL flying car

Price: $ 120,000



6. Hoversurf

This flying bike is hybrid of drone and motorbike, It is built in with single-seat and which also have an option for remote control bike flight. Hoversurf have 4 rotors at each of its four-corners to lift off and to stay airborne. The propellers are pretty much unprotected, which we should all be aware off while standing near or even driving it. The flying bike speed is approximately 40 mph, thus, giving us a travel time of 25 minutes with battery and 1 hour of flight time with gasoline, It is also capable of lifting 270 kg without a sweat. Batteries re-charging time is three hours, battery replacement time is 1 min. The company is about to introduce HD-battery INR, which will increase its flight up-to 40 minutes.

Flying car 2018



As we said, many companies are coming up with many flying cars, and Some of us can’t really afford this to be our personal flying cars. The interesting thing is, these flying cars also introduced as taxis by 2020. One of the projects leading companies is Uber itself. They announced their new project calling UberElevate where NASA is also joining forces with Uber.

Anyway, Now we can all shortly mock at that hectic daily traffic that we suffer and fly above those, isn’t it cool.
well, our world getting upgraded daily and in the end, I guess, shortly it will be a Sci-film that we all used to see.



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