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Airbus has announced the successful test flight of their electric-powered aircraft Vahana (or indirectly) known as ”flying car”. Vahana is an electric-powered vertical take-off (VTOL) and landing 8-prop flying prototype financed by Airbus. It is a self-piloted craft that is cost-comparable to using a car or a train. This vertical take-off and landing aircraft would work much like personal cars, taking people around cities, mocking every single traffic jams.

Making its First Flight Test 
The prototype was moved from California to Pendleton flight test center, where it had conducted its first demonstration. Where craft reportedly reached a height of 16 feet before landing safely at the site. Its reported that its first flight made a run of lasted 53 seconds, under its own power and autonomous control.


“I remember holding my breath for what felt like an eternity, my heart rate must have gone up two or three times,” – said Zach Lovering, Vahana’s project executive.

The VTOL is being developed at A³ the Silicon Valley outpost of Airbus and the Vahana team was aiming four-times faster speed than road traffic, with 50 miles of flight range.
Airbus is also looking forward to Vahana to be capable of performing as a cargo delivery, ambulance, search and rescue device or taxi.
Right now, Vahana team is working with the FAA to figure out how to get Vahana design certified.

Meanwhile, Team is already moving ahead to more impressive—test flights, aiming to prove that their built-in safety like the development of “sense and avoid” technology, Which will also be a key to achieving desired safety levels. It is the effort to make flying cars real.
At least many other companies are also developing flying car plans like UberAir flying taxi service and small startups like Kitty Hawk Flyer, owned by Google Founder Larry Page.

“In just under two years, Vahana took a concept sketch on a napkin and built a full-scale, self-piloted aircraft that has successfully completed its first flight,” – said Zach Lovering, Vahana’s project executive.

Now, the Sci-fi movies are becoming reality, but, as we are all and always hesitated about estimating costs and other factors for a ride in this flying car, Fear not, It’s comparatively priced lesser than other aerial flights out there right now.

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