flying bike with remote control bike flights “Hoversurf”

Have you ever seen the movie Megaforce (1982), If you do, you have the perfect image for a flying bike or hovering bike. Here, the movie becomes a reality. A Russian based company came up with an idea for the flying motorbike, naming Hoversurf. They also developed cargo drone naming SCORPION-3, which can carry almost up to 90 kg more than enough to carry a human. Motors, controllers and other parts of the hoverbike is made manually by the company’s specialists. These parts are at high level of reliability. Which also ensures its safety during the flight.


This flying bike is hybrid of drone and motorbike, It is built in with single-seat and which also have an option for remote control bike flight. Hoversurf have 4 rotors at each of its four-corners to lift off and to stay airborne. The propellers are pretty much unprotected, which we should all be aware off while standing near or even driving it. The flying bike speed is approximately 40 mph, thus, giving us a travel time of 25 minutes with battery and 1 hour of flight time with gasoline, It is also capable of lifting 270 kg without a sweat. Batteries re-charging time is three hours, battery replacement time is 1 min.
The company is about to introduce HD-battery INR, which will increase its flight up-to 40 minutes


Just after Hoversurf have hit the market, Dubai has made a contract with Hoversurf CEO Alexander Atamanov.
Dubai will be using Hoversurf in Dubai Police dept. Dubai also reserved and conformed for lager Hoversurfer production. The Hoversurf prototype Scorpion 3 drone motorcycle was introduced by Dubai Police during annual consumer electronics exhibition, which is called GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition).
The Dubai Police Force has reportedly tested it for monitoring large and high traffic areas.


Hoversurf was introduced along with smart automated “Robocop”, yes, Robocop can recognize most faces and it can understand gestures, hand signals within 5 meters with help of AI (Artificial intelligence).
Robocop weighs up-to 100-kilogram. There is also an inbuilt camera which directly streams into Dubai Police command center. Last but not least Robocop can understand facial expressions.
Beautiful isn’t it.

Robocop can help the force to identify and arrest wanted criminals – said Brig Al Razooqi (General Director of Smart Services Dept. of Dubai Police)

Dubai Police are taking Police force into the future by introducing new technologies. However, many other companies are taking its initiative for introducing flying car, flying taxi. Eg: Uberair, Airbus Vahana, etc…


If you are up for buying this flying motorbike, you will have deposit $2000 and reserve one for you and wait in queue for 6 to 12 months. The net price for Hoversurf is $59,900. To reserve click here.
Imagine Flying bike in your garage and you have any emergency to reach somewhere, and you got a flying bike in your home. Mind blown right.

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