Indian aviation supports IIT-Kanpur for VTOL flying taxi

Every country is looking forward to flying cars and VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft. Here, different countries have different goals and aim for this innovation. Now, India has stepped up to it too, Recently, IIT-Kanpur researchers have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a private tech company called ‘VTOL AVIATION INDIA PVT LTD founded by Mr. Kalyan Chowdhury. Will India get their own flying taxi before anyone? Actually no, IIT-Kanpur researchers more looking forward to the saying “slow and steady wins the race”.

Yes, The deal was signed in this month (May) with the Indian VTOL tech company. The amazing part is, Researchers at IIT-Kanpur have signed an Rs 15-crore (2.2 million dollars) deal. Researchers are looking more forward to the Aircraft engine type with high reliability and endurance. Hence, IIT-Kanpur is expected to first conduct a feasibility study before starting the project and through which is expected build an operational and feasible prototype within the next five years. So yeah, like said “Slow and steady wins the race”.

“Initial budget, as per MOU signed between two, is INR 15 Crore to support the pre-feasibility study, feasibility study and for the prototype developments” – said Mr. Kalyan Chowdhury, Managing Director of VTOL Aviation India.

The flying taxi or VTOL aircraft can run on either electric or gasoline powered and also be able to control remotely, which also make this autonomous vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without a human’s control. This flying taxi project is led by Prof. Ajay Ghosh ( head of the Aerospace Engineering and the Flight Lab unit at IIT-Kanpur).

This VTOL aircraft is expected to be take off and land almost anywhere, Which tells us that they are far more flexible, It can also carry enough weight and with an impressive response time, Which come in handy during the emergency situations. It can also deliver goods to our home. Last but not least, VTOL aircraft can be used for surveillance, rescue mission, combat situations, paramedics, and for civil aviation as well, theoretically.

        “We will establish proof of concept and identify the key technology areas. There will be over a 100 students working on this in the coming years” – Said Prof. Ajay Ghosh

In India this VTOL aircraft can expect and developed such vehicles for the Defense and Civilians on India, they can also potentially be used as air taxis, This also shows India’s keen interest in this project.
Similarly, many other countries are also engaged in developing flying taxis or VTOL aircraft. One of the leading and best examples are Uber Elevate, Airbus Vahana, etc…

IIT-Kanpur’s aerospace department has one of the country’s leading facility in aerospace and propulsion. It contains wind-tunnels and flight labs capable of testing even big aircraft.

In India, the flying taxi will be a quite revolutionary if realized effectively, which will be bringing big changes to our transportations.

VTOL project is challenging but it has several advantages. It could be a milestone under the ‘Make in India initiative.” – Said Mr. Chowdhury, Managing Director of VTOL Aviation India.


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