Larry page’s flying taxi Kittyhawk “Cora”

The Google’s Co-founder Larry page has started with a new phase of evaluation, The project is also led by Ex-Google Scientist Sebastian Thrun. The dream is to bring the airport to us. The project was held autonomous until NewYork Times published it. This also reveals that has entered into aerial vehicle space transportation.
The flying taxi is known as Cora, and its made by the company Kitty Hawk Flyer. Will this become a threat to Uber’s flying taxi? Let’s find out.


This is a hybrid of plane and helicopter, fully electric powered, self-piloting air taxi. It is a two-seater aircraft built with 12 motors which are located on the 11- meter wide wings and has a propeller at back to glide like a plane. It can take off like helicopter and travel like a plane. It reaches the speed of 110 miles per hour, This can also increase if Cora is flying autonomously and reached up to a height of 914 metres above ground, Which will have a range of 62 miles. Cora can also be remotely controlled by an App, which is under developing.

Meet Cora 1 :

Before releasing air taxi Cora 1, The company introduced a developing version of Cora prototype which can also land in water and don’t need a pilot license to fly in it. This vehicle is still used as initial practice for Cora before flying in it.
Recently it was test piloted recently over a lake in California, having no experience in piloting Cimeron Morrissey said “looking and feeling a lot like a flying motorcycle.”


“Cora has the potential to transform spaces like rooftops and parking lots into places to take off right from your neighbourhood,” said Kitty Hawk.

In March 2018, It was confirmed that Kttyhawk company have been busy with testing air taxi prototype called Cora. It is also code-named “Zee. Aero”. The test was held in New Zealand. The company called “Zephyr Airworks” took the initiative for the air taxi operations. The operation was held for last 6  months, yet the company claims to be in active development.

The kitty hawk flyer chooses NewZealand to be the first to witness this air taxi because New Zealand’s Civil Aviation authority had a world-class reputation in aviation certification and regulation and which is in the respect of the worldwide regulatory community. They accepted this and gave full support for developing and testing kitty hawk flyer Cora 1.

“In New Zealand, we know we can’t keep using the same old approaches to meet our future challenges. We saw Cora’s potential as a sustainable, efficient and transformative technology that can enrich people’s lives, not only in New Zealand but ultimately the whole world,” – said Dr Peter Crabtree of New Zealand’s Ministry of Business.


The Kitty Hawk Flyer hopes to get official certification and launch a commercial service within the time period of three years, if so, KittyHawk will be the first to do it, overtaking Airbus Vahana, Uberair etc…

They are working hard and together to make the dream of everyday flight a reality.

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