NASA and Uber Getting Closer To Flying Cars

When Thomas Edison invented the bulb, All people thought its the end of the invention, Well guess what, Here Come the flying cars in 2020.
NASA and Uber have joined forces in a project which could lead to the creation of a super-advanced new taxi.

Uber has been busy hiring some experts from TESLA and NASA recently.

NASA stated that the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) project hope a safe and efficient air transportation system including small package delivery drones to passenger-carrying air taxis to operate over populated areas, from every town to big cities. The partnership of NASA and Uber, you can safely assume that ‘the experts’ are taking the whole VTOL thing seriously.

NASA’s research will help to identify any safety issues that air transportation projects of the future might have- NASA officials

This comes after the NASA signed an agreement with Uber to create an air-traffic-control system for a future flying car service called Uber Elevate, Which also known as Uberair.

NASA’s second space act agreement with Uber

In this agreement, Uber will share its plans for an urban aviation ride-share network with NASA, and with that, the space agency will develop models of how aircraft should move or takeoff. The research will also look forward to reducing maximum noise and also ensuring they don’t overburden the national air-traffic-control system. To accomplish this, UAM researchers are getting maximum information from areas related aeronautics like observing developments in all-electric or hybrid-electric aircraft, That would allow for quiet flying-vehicle operations, as well as low emissions from aircraft.

NASA already have experience with  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the study of drones that could deliver something you order. They are also experimenting with aeronautics researchers that addresses low-altitude Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) traffic management, Combining UAS vehicles into the National Airspace System. Safety at the top, vertical takeoffs and landings, and future plans that will run on nothing but electricity.

The world is changing, From TESLA’s Hyperloop to Uber’s Flying-Car, Flying cars are one of the coolest staples of science fiction, and we could be closer to making them a reality than ever before.
Uber to head up its Elevate ambitions. Uber and its partners intend to start demonstration flights in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Dubai.



Uber lets CBS news a peek at design models of new air taxi, which we all can see by 2020. They had been on display at the Uber Elevate Summit in Los Angeles.
It’s a bit of plane and Drone, with multiple propellers and stacked rotors to allow for vertical takeoff and landing. The body of this air taxi is of a plane, rather than helicopter.

“The convergence of technologies and new business models enabled by the digital revolution is making it possible to explore this new way for people and cargo to move within our cities,” -Dr. Jaiwon Shin said.

Till then we all have to wait for the world to change into a sci-fi movie and yeah for the traffic lights to turn green.

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