SureFly Two-Seater Personal Electric Octocopter and Price

Wouldn’t it be amazing for anyone to be able to just hop aboard their personal helicopter and fly wherever they want, Well here it is, SureFly personal octocopter, It is developed by Workhorse Group Incorporated, Which is an American manufacturing company and they are also set to the field of competitors in electric hybrid octocopter.
Well, this flying machine is a bit different than rest.


SureFly is a two-seater personal hybrid electric octocopter, hybrid in the sense of a helicopter and VTOL aircraft. At each corner, there are 8 independent motors, which is also capable to fold down providing less area to park. Each propeller on the 8 motors are made up of carbon fiber If things don’t go well for those octocopter engines, There is a lithium battery backup, which gives the pilot 5 min of flight time. Well, let’s go for the worst scenario, What if both motors and lithium go off,  there is a ballistic parachute to safely land in these kinds of emergencies. Which probably don’t have a chance to go to that extent.

SureFly gives us a flight speed of 70 mph (110 km/hour). It Also has decent cargo space. SureFly is being tested often which gets on improved over time, Workhorse Group had published a video recently, Showing there progress report of the past few month’s works, Where SureFly had lifted off the ground, Making its first flight of 5 foot.

“A five-foot hover might not seem like a big deal, but what it does is to answer the question: Will it fly, yes or no?”  -said CEO Steve Burns

So, the question is “Do we need a license to fly SureFly”? “Well, As we work towards our certification with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), we trying to figure out, We need some sort of license, But we are trying to keep it light,” said CEO Steve Burns.


The weight of this hybrid Drone is 1100lbs (500 Kg), It can lift off with the weight off 1500lbs (680 Kg).

Dual Lithium Battery Packs of 7.5 kWh each, Emergency back up if gasoline fails.

A top Aerial speed of 70 mph (110 km/hour) and a Flight altitude of 4000 feet.

There is Also No wings, tail, tilt rotor or tilt wings, Which is helpful for simplicity and safety.

“It’s designed to be less expensive, safer, and easier to fly than a helicopter,” – Said CEO Steve Burns


  • Agriculture Holds a great potential for its Simplicity
  • Great potential to become a major part of Emergency Responders
  • As always and will be to City Commuters
  • Reliable Military aerial drone
  • And can keep on for More and more.


SureFly will hit the market in the retail price of $200,000.  Relax, That doesn’t make it cheap, But it lot affordable than any other helicopter or drones or flying cars in the market. And, we surely don’t want all people driving around in it and making a Michael Bay film.

Considering the age of flying cars, flying bikes and drone, This is a game changer for us and every competitor out there. Eg: Uberair, Airbus Vahana, Zapata.

The SureFly is hoping to it hit the market by end of 2019, till then we cant skip the traffic.



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