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Every day millions of hours are wasted on road, therefore, yes, Uber’s plan is to deliver ”flying cars” to the world by 2020. which may be referred as ”UberAir”, The interesting part is these flying cars will be self-driving and electric powered where the plan is to cover no more than 60 miles, which is due to the current limitations of Uber batteries to use in Uber flights.

The mind elevating news is to hear that Uber hires Tesla’s lead battery expert to help power it’s’ flying cars’.
yes, Celina Mikolajczak, who is a senior manager at Tesla’s battery pack development. She has been hired by Uber to accomplish the “flying car” project to get off the ground, which also indicates that Uber plans to get more involved into the engineering aspects of Uber’s elevation project.

 ”Who knows someday we all share a ride in Uber flight”- Admin

Speaking about Uber flight, Uber said they would be partnering with some of the aircraft manufactures, government authorities, and real estate firms to make a strong base in the successful development of on-demanding flying taxi service.
In 2020 the Uber flying cars will take off in three cities: Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Dubai.


Uber’s flying cars will be a part helicopter, part plane. It will be a helicopter-airplane mixture.
I’m really pushing for the term “flying cars” terminology but it is also misleading and that we need to come up with a better way of describing it,”  Erlich said.

where wings to help with gliding, similar to the airplane and multiple rotors which have invented by a NASA engineer, where it uses the Distributed-Electric-Propulsion-Aircraft.  which helps in increasing fuel efficiency, landing field length and performance handling while reducing noise and emission.
In short words, Uberair or Uber flying cars will safer and Quieter mode of air travel.
by 2023, Uber plans to launch its commercial flights.


The orgin of Uber air transportation have a chance to emerge from rooftops. where we can imagine a building with offices , parking lot and UberAir landing pad.
I think that the rooftops in the future can be an asset that we can really open by allowing new forms of travel” -Erlich said.


Uber’s dream aim is to give ultimate multi-model transportation . In near future, Uber flights will be able to see in our neighborhoods . UberAir plans to have advanced discussions and collaboration to bring on-demand urban air transportation to life.

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