Zapata The Jet Powered Flyboard Air And Hover Boards Price.

Zapata fly board air will not be strange to you if you have seen Spiderman’s villain Green Goblet or either his son, Anyway, Sad to break it you, but this won’t be equipped with military grade weapons. Even though, this jet-powered hoverboard fulfills everyone’s dream to fly. Every corner of the world is coming up with flying cars, flying bike, flying robot etc… Well, this fly board stands out in the crowd, because of Zapata’s unique and innovative approach and its price.


Zapata’s founder and CEO Franky Zapata (39) Born in France, Marseille. He is a professional pilot and he also fond of  Jetski in which he has won the RUN F1 World Championship several times. He won Guinness World Record for farthest hoverboard flight. The sad news is, He got banned to fly in Zapata fly board from France. Zapata’s efforts were focusing on manufacturing and developing of the Flyboard Air.

In April 2016, Franky Zapata introduced the Flyboard Air. This game-changing invention caught in the eyes of millions and even in the US Defence Sector.

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Franky Zapata has frequently been seen testing and upgrading his invention in Europe and in the United States.

Flyboard Air

There handheld lever to control the Flyboard Air, It allows the pilot to adjust thrust and elevation controls, and the ability turn in any direction, and remain everything is based on body balance just like a Segway. It’s easy to learn even a man without training can use this flying board. Just strap in boots on a small baseboard and you are ready.

It can carry a weight of 100 kg which more than enough to carry a common man. It can reach a maximum altitude of 150 meters at a maximum speed of 140 km/h, which gives you a flight time of 6 minutes. Flyboard air weights about 20kg plus fuel. Zapata Flyboard Air also allows non-pilots to legally fly in most of the country. However, When you are standing on the Flyboard Air, it will certainly leave you open, potentially vulnerable. For this potential danger to overcome Zapata Flyboard Air has taken some safety measures.

Flyboard Air Safety

  1. If Flyboard Air loses one engine and still can continue to be in the airborne. If two engines go out, the Flyboard Air will make a controlled descent.
  2. It is capable of quick release of boots if the pilot wants to quickly let go of the Flyboard Air in case of an emergency.
  3. In the heads-up display, It can inform the pilot about engine status, fuel levels, altitude, and speed.
  4.  Flyboard air is capable of Autonomous Unmanned controlling, This allows the pilot to maintain a steady altitude without having to steer in it.


Flyboard Air is testing and proving grounds for a whole new category of VTOL flight. But, the question on everyone’s mind is, Is the flyboard air for sale, and what is flyboard air price, Well to be short, flyboard air is not yet open for its commercial use and since they have not finalized its price, Its price is estimated to be 2,80,000 US dollars.

This is a recently upgraded Zapata flyboard With a few key upgrades Z with advanced modification of the Zapata Flyboard Air.

We have created an air vehicle much easier to fly, faster to train, and safer to operate than any other vertical takeoff aircraft in history. Its advanced stability systems and triple-redundant systems take all of the chaos and much of the risk out of the powered flight. – said Zapata flyboard air

But before all this happened, Zapata has plenty of challenges to overcome and here they are. However we can all predict a future where the Flyboard Air, Uber elevate, Airbus Vahana and Kittyhawk Flyer all to come to action, Where everything is flying and gliding near us.

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